WhatTheFluff is a video podcast which focuses on all manner of stories, found on the world wide web, that will make you go what the fluff. Each weeks our hosts and guests scour their sources, inside traders, cousin’s girlfriend’s sister and that guy you met that one time for an array of stories that cross all categories and topics. The stories range from personal anecdotes, to local and international content that will leave you scratching your head in wonder.

The idea for the show wafted in on a summer breeze where Fluffee called Tam and had a very excited conversation about starting this new project. Later on they got Farai on board, and the band was back together!

The Team.

Fluffee O’Panda – She used to work for the man, but is currently what every parent fears: self-employed. Her curiosity and passion for radio and podcasts was not a phase, but rather a career in which she has nearly 10 years experience in (previously she was a wedding photographer, but we don’t talk about that). Her second love is her cat Mr Mistoffelees whom you will see many pictures of on her Instagram account.

TamLovesTea –  She’s as quick as a whip and a firecracker with her comebacks, Tam is not only a host, but also the designer for the show. An award winning animator, she also has her Honours in Social Anthropology, likes to craft and makes a killer grilled cheese sandwich.

Farai – We like to call her Pixie. A lawyer by trade, Farai is an avid reader and a nerd’s nerd. Her references range from academic to pop culture, so be prepared to be served. While she’s living in Harare, Zimbabwe, she’s a recurring guest on the show and answers all of our legal questions in exchange for promises for tattoos.

Contact Details.

If you’d like to get a hold of us you can email us: hello@whatthefluff.cape.bz