WhatTheFluff Show #1: Dead Pose Challenge, Genital Jousting, Self Help Books and Reptilian Dogs?!

Welcome to the very first episode of the WTFluff Show, where your hosts- Fluffee O’Panda and NinjaDragon5000 (or Tam) talk about the dead pose challenge that was trending in South Africa for a hot minute, Genital Jousting- a South African online game that has swept the world (Fluffee was just late to the party), Amazon self help books you wouldn’t expect to exist and a small dog sized pre-mammalian reptile fossil found in the Karoo.


About the show: Fluffee and Tam talk about stories, events and life experiences that have made them go wtf?! in the past week. Whether it be stories from the news, viral trends from the internet or random things Fluffee found on pinterest, the WTFluff team hopes to delight, entertain and educate you. We’re also available on YouTube. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @wtfluff_show.¬†Our music is 8 Bit Win! by HeatleyBros.

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